Garden State of Mind;


Lovely weekend in Jersey with the gang>>

Barbeque, bowling, beer pong, ball games. It’s finals week so pictures will have to suffice for now.




and then there’s…


This was in our speed bowling round (i.e. 10 minutes before the alley was going to close for the night) and we were just killing those pins with our strikes and spares.

Boonton Bowling!

Supermarkets in Jersey are so friendly!

You wouldn't believe it but they call us ALPHA.

Much needed exercise and fresh air!


Fort Nonsense. No kidding.

Once upon a time, Washington was in Morristown during the winter of 1777, while the American Revolutionary War was being fought. He apparently decided to build this fort to keep the American troops busy and out of trouble, hence the name. But it was also used as a site for smoke signals. Today all that remains of the fort are the stone slabs that mark where it used to be.

BEER PONG which made me way too sleepy.


Purple fire is just cool.

Thank God for good weather and awesome friends (:


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  1. Hey Sheena, I think I met you last year at the Study in USA convention at Suntec City. You gave me your email and I have sent you an email a couple months ago about some queries about NYU. Must’ve given me the wrong email or something. Haha. Anyway, I was hoping to ask you some questions about NYU. It would be great if you could get back to me. (Btw, I chanced upon your facebook account through one of my friends currently studying at NYU 🙂

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