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Apple or Onion?


Chicago is a city for quirky people.

You wouldn’t expect anything less when you’ve a city that:

1. has a river that was once so toxic it started to spontaneously combust, which then resulted in some smart engineering that reversed the flow of the water, much to the ire of the other states that share Lake Michigan.

2. has a giant metal bean/kidney-looking structure as its top tourist attraction.

3. has a West Village-esque neighborhood called Bucktown that has shops with names such as Myopic Books, Reckless Records and Earwax Cafe. Which I loved loved loved.

Myopic Books is anything but.

4. has a Viagra Triangle, where old and rich hum-sups go to prey for sexy chicas

5. has risen up from the ruins of a devastating fire to become America’s second greatest city (sorry, allegiance is still with New York).

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