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Axel & Mariana;


In 2007, I went night-cycling. A bunch of us cycled from East Coast Park to Raffles Place and then back again. It took about 8 hours altogether because we made several stops to eat (at Lau Pa Sat!), but I remember it as being really tiring albeit uber fun. Let’s face it- cycling isn’t the kindest sport to your nether regions. Being on a bicycle for that long can be very… straining, if you know what I mean.

How would you choose to travel this distance?

Well, I was sorely put in my place when I met Axel and Mariana, a beautiful couple from Argentina who are on the adventure (or at least, the first big adventure) of their lives. When I met them at Merida, they were just slightly more than halfway through their 2-year journey cycling from Alaska back to Argentina. Yup, you read that right. These crazy people (and I mean that in the most loving way possible) are literally cycling through the Americas.

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Mi casa es tu casa;


Translated from Spanish to mean: “My home is your home.”

I couldn’t write a travel blog without dedicating an entire post to Couchsurfing. Since I’ve joined this community in 2008 while studying abroad in Florence, I’ve met some pretty amazing people who have taught me, among other things,

how to solve a rubik’s cube,

how to give a good massage,

how to dance the salsa and

how to travel around the world on a bicycle.

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