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How to Kopi?


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Last weekend D got into a pretty heated dispute with a coffee shop uncle in Serangoon Central over how he should have ordered “kopi with milk and without sugar”. It might seem that that’s exactly how he should have ordered it – “Uncle! Kopi with milk and without sugar!” – but in Singapore coffee shop culture, there are specific names for these things which in my 22 years, I’ve never actually bothered to really take note of or remember.

According to Wiki, these are the different names for your kopi combo:

  • Kopi, coffee
  • Kopi-gau, coffee (strong brew – “gau” is “厚” in Hokkien)
  • Kopi-po, coffee (weak brew – “po” is “薄” in Hokkien)
  • Kopi-C, coffee with evaporated milk
  • Kopi-C-kosong, coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar (‘kosong” means empty in Malay)
  • Kopi-O, coffee with sugar only
  • Kopi-O-kosong, coffee without sugar or milk
  • Kopi-O-kosong-gau, a strong brew of coffee without sugar or milk
  • Kopi-bing or Kopi-ice, coffee with milk, sugar and ice
  • Kopi-xiu-dai, coffee with less sugar
  • Kopi-gah-dai, coffee with extra sweetened milk

What happened was that D wanted Kopi with regular milk but without sugar, but such a combination apparently does not exist, and the uncle made that extremely clear when he exclaimed in a really loud -and rude- voice: 这个我不会泡!你自己来泡啦!  And yet, D has been ordering this at coffee shops for all his life now. (Note that it’s also not Kopi-C-kosong in this case, because D wanted regular and not carnation milk.) D could not accept that he’d been using the wrong name for all these years, while the uncle, in all his kopi-making pride, could not be bothered to make the effort to try and understand what was wanted or explain why the term was erroneous. I, on the other hand, was completely lost in what all the different terms meant. I always order teh-O (tea with no milk, just sugar). And I’m quite willing to bet my iPhone that a good proportion of people in my generation can’t tell their xiu-dai from their kosong either. In a decade, these terms will probably die out or be replaced by lattes and fraps. How depressing.


More bad dancing!


Here’s the official video for Dance your way to Singapore! You can watch the mass dance that we did with Matt Harding but unfortunately (fortunately?) because we were standing so far back in the crowd, we can’t really be spotted. Most of the mass dance you’ll see is also footage from the first mass dance, which explains why they had fans, and we didn’t. Although I must say that I don’t really get the use of fans. They’re not exactly emblematic of our culture, and let’s face it- they’re not the best accessories for men. (I’m sorry Matt, but you did look pretty silly.) Watching people dance awkwardly is entertaining enough on its own without the need for props! What I fear is that they were used in the dance just so that they could be used in the pun “Fans (with fans!) dancing with Matt Harding”. Yeowcheesy.

In any case, we made it to the TOP 20 (WOOT!) thanks to you guys so please continue to support us by voting here>>>


Honestly I’m not really looking to win it (oh who am I kidding?), but I am very interested to see how far we can go. As of now we’re in the top 10, and if we even make it to top 5 I would consider that a huge achievement! Plus, after watching the current top videos now, I actually think our bad dancing is pretty good. Heehee.

So support our bad dancing and vote please! 😀

How to be good at dancing badly.



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Many of you have probably seen his VISA ‘Travel Happy’ commercial on TV or in the cinemas. You know, the one with the seemingly crazy guy who’s dancing  everywhere; in front of the Merlion, in Harajuku, on a Vietnamese boat that looks like it’s about to capsize under his weight.. Yup, I’m a bit of a fangirl just because I think it’s amazing to be paid to travel around the world to dance badly with people. I mean, that’s a job I would be awesome at. Especially the dancing badly bit.

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